How It Works

Order by Sunday

Choose between our delicious vegetarian or omnivore weekly menus.

You can also “Build Your Own Bag” from the Weekly Menu. So if you would like to add additional products to your regular bag you can. If you would like all salads or all desserts 😉 you can do that too!

Note: There is a $15 delivery fee for orders under $75

You can also choose your frequency of delivery (every week, ever other week or just once.)

We Prepare in Our Kitchen

We pick up our ingredients from local farmers and ranchers over the weekend.

Gina does her magic in our local commercial kitchen on Mondays and Tuesdays.

If you forget to order on Sunday… We do occasionally have a few extra bags, so do not be shy to reach out if you would like one.

We Deliver on Tuesday

Simply rinse your empty glass containers and leave them in your Clean Cuisine by Gina bag on your door step on Tuesday before 2 pm.

We will drop off our delicious chef-prepared meals on Tuesday between 2pm and 7pm for you to enjoy all week long.

Our Packaging

we deliver in glass


No one likes a pile up of packaging waste week after week. Our meals come delivered to your door in reusable glass containers. All you have to do is rinse your empty containers and leave them on your doorstep the following week.

We sterilize – Refill with the new yumminess- Deliver to your door- Repeat!

Returning empty glassware

You can schedule a container pick up for the following Tuesday on the menu page.

It is important to our sustainability as a business that our containers are returned.

We understand that everyone in busy and it is easy to forget to put your containers out on Tuesdays.

However, after several reminders, any containers not returned will be charged to your account. Thank you for your understanding.